Monday, November 01, 2004

You have not been forgotten

Everybody who might be waiting for their newest issue of Tuli&Savu to hit the mailbox, worried of being left out for some odd reason, have no fear. You have not been forgotten. I just haven´t had the time to take care of mailing the mag because of the book fair. But we´ll see to it this week.
While waiting for Tuli&Savu, please remember to visit these pages: Runoviikko - The Poetry Week in and around Turku. We - the staff of Tuli&Savu - will be there as well, hosting an evening called "WHAT IS PROSE POETRY" on Thursday at 19 pm. Saila Susiluoto and Markku Paasonen will be there, reciting their work and discussing the topic mentioned above. I´ll remind you of this later on.

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