Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Harry Salmenniemi new chief-editor for Tuli&Savu

The new shief-editor for the poetry magazine Tuli&Savu, starting from issue 2/2007, is Harry Salmenniemi (b. 1983), a poet and a student at the Helsinki University. Other members of the staff include Henriikka Tavi, Sirpa Kyyrönen and Mikael Brygger.

I left my post as chief-editor last August, and Teemu Manninen, who picked up the work, will still edit a couple of issues before leaving the chief-editorship to Salmenniemi.

Read more info (in finnish) from the publishers pages at www.nihil.fi.

And don´t miss the new editors´call for new writers to join in and submit their writing to Tuli&Savu, at Tuli&Savu Net.

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Anonymous said...

I have much enjoyed my walk through your world today; as a poet and an avid reader, I found your site both enriching as well as enlightening...I thank you.