Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Interesting, but not literature - a call for submissions

Vancouverilainen The Kootenay School of Writing hakee W-julkaisuaan varten "paraliterary" tai "nonliterary" määritelmien alle sopivia tekstejä (tai muita sellaisia). Ohjeistava lista, miten mainitut käsitteet voidaan mm. ymmärtää, on inspiroiva:

1. informational texts (surveys; polls; maps; statistical charts; chronologies; diagrams;
2. conspiracy theories; research results)
3. notational projects (diaries; ongoing notes; classroom notes; records; lists; inventories;
4. specialised glossaries and lexicons)
5. annotational projects (annotations of other texts)
6. pseudo theory; pseudo poetics, pseudo philosophy; pseudo theology; pseudo manifestos; pseudo research
7. amateur science and pseudo sciences (investigations into: linguistics; etymology; astrology; astronomy; biology; 'pataphysics or "pataphysics)
8. occult writings (automatic writing; ouija board transcriptions; transcriptions of divinations; predictions; tarot readings of persons or texts)
9. found texts and found text-objects (scans or transcripts of interesting documents; posters; ephemera; ads; letters; notes; signs; report cards)
10. collections of texts (blurbs; phone messages; subject lines; typos in famous works)
11. interviews from interesting social contexts (faked or real; raw transcriptions of speech)
12. documentary writings and mockumentary writings
13. alphabetic projects (new alphabets; spelling reforms; codes; encryptions, stereograms)
14. scriptural projects (i.e., investigations of how scriptural systems and technologies interact with writing)
15. excerpts from artists' book projects (incl text-based photographic projects; photos of book sculptures)
16. photos/snapshots with significant textual content/context
17. conceptual writing; text-based conceptual works
18. uncreative writing
19. text-based visual art
20. outsider writings
21. graphic musical scores
22. certain cut-ups, aleatoric and erasure writings
23. certain visual/concrete poetry
24. certain flarf
25. certain song lyrics (if appreciable as "outsider" texts)

Via CB:n Web Log.

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