Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Yesterday I began my "paasto" - I´m looking for the english word... Could you say that I started fasting/ dieting (?), because Easter is on its way, and for a couple of years now I have simplified my diet for a week or two weeks before it. This dieting, in a way a chance to tone or slow your life down, makes me feel good, so I recommend it. (Now I found the word, the forty days before Easter are called lent. ) I`m not an orthodox, nor do I have faith in the lutheran way either, I guess I would call myself ( a former student of theology) an atheist or an agnostic. Because of that, aknowleding Easter and giving it some value means even more to me. For me, Easter has no meaning, it is empty, absent. But it´s silence I wish to experience.

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