Monday, March 07, 2005

Monday mumbo jumbo (Maanantaimuminoita)

I came home on Friday from Hamina and Jamilahti where I taught creative writing for a week (focus on literary criticism). It was good thing to get away from the city for a while. My stay in Hamina reminded me or made it clearer that I wish to move away from Helsinki. Or I should try to find a small cottage, "mökki" in the country - of course money is the key issue here, but I wont´worry about it in here. From the living room window in Hamina I had a view to a bay, and every morning I heard birds. Once I even saw two woodpeckers banging their heads on a tree. Here, I miss the space and the lack of people. Quietude.
I´ve been reading Paul Auster`s The invention of solitude which has just been translated to finnish, and I do like it alot.
Yesterday, Sunday, we went skiing around the Seurasaari, like so many others. How do you say it in english, skiing on the ice, on the sea? Icy sea? I´ve come to think that the reason why I like the sea is because it reminds me of "lakeus", the flat lands of South Bothnic in Western Finland, where I grew up. The area by the way used to be the bottom of the sea, but that of course was thousands of years ago.
On Saturday we went to see Sideways, and laughed a lot. Afterwards we went of course to a wine bar but did not have a good time since my boyfriend was as dull as a piece of wood for company.

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