Monday, May 09, 2005

Fire and Smoke is out

The newest issue of Tuli&Savu, Fire&Smoke is out and I´m very happy to get to introduce some swedish contemporary poetry. It has been such an interesting thing for myself to try to find out about what´s going on in our neighbouring country - and I have to say that many discussions still remain new and strange to me - because the traditions are so different! of course. So I could say that my interest to know more about the issues the swedes are into nowadays still remains, and I do hope there would be more swedish poetry available through the net, because the books of course aren`t found here in Finland, and I don´t have the funds to order them either..)

But here´s the entire contents/sisällysluettelo/innehåll of Tuli&Savu 1/2005:

Editorial: Virtaavaa puhetta, välkehtiviä merkkejä / Flowing speech, glittering signs by Miia Toivio
Eino Santanen: Mainoksia/ Advertisements, poems
Juhana Vähänen: Semanttisesti ennustamaton: runous ja kaupunkitila/ Semantically unpredictable: Poetry and urban space, an essay
Teemu Manninen: Hylätyt pihat, vallatut talot. Talonvaltaamisen poetiikkaa. / Abandoned yards, reclaimed houses. Poetics of reclaiming, an essay
Peter Mickwitz: Poems, translated by Jyrki Kiiskinen
Johanna Venho: Ensimmäinen kevätpäivä /The first day of spring, poems

Riie Heikkilä: Aki Salmela`s Sanomattomia lehtiä
Outi Oja: Vilja-Tuulia Huotarinen`s Sakset kädessä ei saa juosta
Tuulia Toivanen: Tommi Parkko`s Sileäksi puhuttu
Teemu Manninen: Olli Sinivaara`s Hiililiekki
Mikko Jakonen: Teemu Manninen`s Turistina täällä

Ann Jäderlund: Poems, translated by Hannimari Heino
Anna Hallberg: The contemporary experimental poetry in Sweden, translated by Maili Öst
Lars Mikael Raattamaa: Poems, translated by Niklas Nylund and Teemu Manninen
Peter Mickwitz: The best multinational experimental poem, an essay translated by Jyrki Kiiskinen
Eva-Stina Byggmästar: Poems, translated by Hannimari Heino
Heimo Pihlajamaa: An afternoon in a library. An essay about the literary magazines in the Netherlands
Tulisavupakki/Fire&SmokeTools: Ekfrasis
Ryteikkö: A discussion about being in languages by Teemu Manninen and Juhana Vähänen

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