Monday, May 18, 2009

"Since the early nineties, an ever increasing number of artworks have
been created on the basis of preexisting works; more and more
artists interpret, reproduce, re-exhibit, or use works made by others
or available cultural products. This art of postproduction seems to
respond to the proliferating chaos of global culture in the information
age, which is characterized by an increase in the supply of works
and the art world's annexation of forms ignored or disdained until now.
These artists who insert their own work into that of others contribute
to the eradication of the traditional distinction between production and
consumption, creation and copy, readymade and original work. The
material they manipulate is no longer primary. It is no longer a matter
of elaborating a form on the basis of a raw material but working with
objects that are already in circulation on the cultural market, which
is to say, objects already informed by other objects. Notions of originality
(being at the origin of) and even of creation (making something
from nothing) are slowly blurred in this new cultural landscape marked
by the twin figures of the DJ and the programmer, both of whom have
the task of selecting cultural objects and inserting them into new

Nicolas Bourriaud: Postproduction (2005 [2002])

Via Martin Glaz Serup

Suom. kts. Teakin (huono suomennos, näin silmäiltynä ainakin)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

ja yksi juttu vielä

Nuori Voima 2/09 ilmestyi ennen vappua ja sillä on jotain tekemistä runouden kanssa; minä ja Marko Niemi päätoimitimme sen. Nettisivut! tehtiin kans. Ne ovat hienot ja hyvät; kannattaa käydä lukemassa. Julkaisimme siellä mm. Daniela Flomanin viime Poetiikkakonferenssissa pitämän alustuksen, jonka voi katsoa pistäneen vauhtia tänä vuonna käynnistyneelle runokritiikkikeskustelulle. Viime torstaina 7.5 Runotuli-klubilla täällä Helsingissä Café Mascotissa lehteä juhlittiin - etenkin siinä julkaistuja debytantteja. Joista olemme Markon kanssa varsin iloisia & ylpeitä: Pilvi Pääkkönen, Einari Paakkanen, Timo Harju, Irina Javne ja Kristian Blomberg. Että onnee!
Pietarilaisen runoilijan Aleksandr Skidanin esseestä "Poetry in the Age of Total Communication":

"Let’s summarize. The center of creative work has shifted to the visual arts because (1) they immediately reflect, and partly coincide with, the new technogenic environment, (2) which mobilizes the cerebral and sensorimotor resources of human beings along with the earth’s natural resources and outer space. (3) The visual arts correspond to the dominant regime of temporality and synthetic perception established by the mass media. (4) They are inscribed in the culture industry and, consequently, (5) in the capitalist machine, which deterritorializes any form of identity based on linguistic competency. This competency has been replaced by (6) an expanded (re)production and consumption of audiovisual images, (7) which now form the primary zone for experiments with the collective unconscious. This unconscious is nowadays not structured like a language (per Lacan), but like an exteriorized sensorium, a screen-projected ectoplasm whose center is nowhere, but whose affects are everywhere."