Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Ystäväni joka asuu Ivalossa kertoi, että siellä on pimeä. Meidän makuuhuoneessamme ei ole pimeä enää, sillä ikkunassamme ei ole verhoa, ja sängystä näkee taivaan. Tämä on toisinto, erään muiston variaatio; on ollut olemassa toisia sänkyjä, joista taivaan on voinut katseellaan omistaa, kehykset unohtaa.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Taas välillä

Joku kysyi minulta perjantaina miksi kirjoitan englanniksi ja kenelle, miksi en kirjoittaisi suomeksi ja hänelle? Siispä.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

More updates

Translations missing from my list of published poetry books this year:

- Italian poetry from the 20th century. 33 poets, 120 poems. Ed. Rolando Pieraccini. The Lauttasaari Press 2004.
- Abú Nuwas: Runoja kaduilta ja kapakoista. Transl. Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila. Basam Books 2004.
- Der Musensohn. Runotarten lemmikki. Valikoima J. W Goethen lyriikkaa saksaksi ja suomeksi. Transl. & ed. Teivas Oksala. Artipictura Oy 2004.
- Rainer Maria Rilke: Tahto tahtojen. Transl. Eve Kuismin. Like 2004.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Tomorrow in Turku: petits poèmes en prose

"What is prose poetry?"
All your questions will be answered tomorrow in
Turku, Nahkurinkatu 6, at the Studio, at 7 pm,
when Saila Susiluoto and Markku Paasonen will read their poems and discuss with the editors of Tuli&Savu the poetics of prose poetry.
You can read more about both writers from Books from Finland: Saila Susiluoto in english is found here, and more info about Markku Paasonen can be found here.
I hope to see heaps of you tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Some books missing can be found here

In the beginning of September I wrote a short article about the year 2004 in poetry (Tähän mennessä tapahtunutta: runovuosi 2004) for the Poetry Week´s programme paper which included a list of poetry books published this year. Some books are missing from that list, but some I have found and now you can find them here:

Rita Dahl´s debut Kun luulet olevasi yksin by Loki-kirjat
Hannu Helin´s Ctrl Alt Del by Pulvis&Umbra
Jarkko Laine´s Tämä yö on taikayö by Otava
Aki Luostarinen´s Maan pakolainen by Wsoy
Arto Melleri´s Arpinen lemmen soturi by Otava
Jukka Nikki´s Kuuma huuma karkkipussissa by the city of Kaarina
Vergil´s Paimenlauluja by Tammi

I will update this list later on as well, if there still are some books missing. You can also check this year´s books from Tuli&Savu Net.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Tuli&Savu took a cab today

Yes, she did. Or he did. We rode with it to the post office and carried it inside to be taken away and brought to you. It should reach your mail early next week. Do you ever think about how great and precious the postal system is? It just works and never stops working. For some time I have eyed some very fine paper and envelopes at the Academic bookstore but haven´t spent my money yet because I still don´t trust myself enough: could I have it in me? Could I be able to write real letters again?

Monday, November 01, 2004

You have not been forgotten

Everybody who might be waiting for their newest issue of Tuli&Savu to hit the mailbox, worried of being left out for some odd reason, have no fear. You have not been forgotten. I just haven´t had the time to take care of mailing the mag because of the book fair. But we´ll see to it this week.
While waiting for Tuli&Savu, please remember to visit these pages: Runoviikko - The Poetry Week in and around Turku. We - the staff of Tuli&Savu - will be there as well, hosting an evening called "WHAT IS PROSE POETRY" on Thursday 11.th at 19 pm. Saila Susiluoto and Markku Paasonen will be there, reciting their work and discussing the topic mentioned above. I´ll remind you of this later on.