Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Some books missing can be found here

In the beginning of September I wrote a short article about the year 2004 in poetry (Tähän mennessä tapahtunutta: runovuosi 2004) for the Poetry Week´s programme paper which included a list of poetry books published this year. Some books are missing from that list, but some I have found and now you can find them here:

Rita Dahl´s debut Kun luulet olevasi yksin by Loki-kirjat
Hannu Helin´s Ctrl Alt Del by Pulvis&Umbra
Jarkko Laine´s Tämä yö on taikayö by Otava
Aki Luostarinen´s Maan pakolainen by Wsoy
Arto Melleri´s Arpinen lemmen soturi by Otava
Jukka Nikki´s Kuuma huuma karkkipussissa by the city of Kaarina
Vergil´s Paimenlauluja by Tammi

I will update this list later on as well, if there still are some books missing. You can also check this year´s books from Tuli&Savu Net.

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