Friday, September 10, 2004

Frankensteinin morsian?

"[---] the sheer joy of discovering (and rediscovering over and over) the fact that there appears to be something, language, which is our very own toy, which we are, as poets, uniquely qualified to play with. The more the foregrounding of the signifier has manifested itself, the more language appears to have acquired an independent (some might say Frankensteinian) existence and the more it has seemed NOT to be our job to put signification into language but to let language find and make its own significations. The more, also, it has seemed that we have a completely independent charter for our existence and that - in a time when poetry seems to be less and less wanted in our society at large - is surely one of the greatest possible consolations."
Nathaniel Tarn Jacket kuutosessa

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