Thursday, October 27, 2005

Don´t miss this: swedish&finnish vispo&po in November in Helsinki

I´ve forgotten about my other eye for some time now so it´s about time to open it up: what would be a better issue to talk about than the upcoming TekstiKonst-TextTaide happening in November here in Helsinki. I just met with the visual/digital poet/publisher Jukka-Pekka Kervinen for the first time, he will be designing the poster/visual poetry piece for the event which is going to take place on Tuesday 22nd of November, both at Galleria Huuto and Bar Dubrovnik. At Galleria Huuto an exhibition of textkonst by the swedish poets Anna Hallberg and Jörgen Gassilewski and by the finnish poet Cia Rinne has its opening-avajaiset-vernissage during the day. And the fun doesn´t stop there, because in the evening there´s going to be a massive smörgåsbord of swedish, finnish-swedish and finnish poetry served at Bar Dubrovnik, under the name of Kohina-klubi. Up to THIRTY poets are going to step on stage and perform/read their work.
These events are jointly organized by the groundreaking poetry magazine OEI from Sweden, the artist-run Galleria Huuto from Helsinki, and by our own dear poetry magazine Tuli&Savu (plus the usual organizations behind Kohina, that is Elävien runoilijoiden klubi and Lumooja-kirjallisuuslehti). So here´s a sneak preview for you; the following weeks we`ll be informing more about these events.

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