Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Index for Surdavant

Today I managed so much as to figure out where to go tomorrow to buy a new printer. Hopefully all goes well and I`ll get everything ready for us to post the new issue 2/2004 titled Surdavant. Here´s what you`ll find in it when it eventually, probably before or right after "juhannus" (midsummer), finds it way to your mailbox.

*Alan Turing and other poems by Juhana Vähänen
*"After you, dear language." A conversation with Timo Kaitaro, a researcher of surrealism
*Three poems by Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes, transl. by Olli Sinivaara
*An excerpt from The Magnetic Fields by André Breton and Philippe Soupault, transl. by Timo Kaitaro and Janne Salo
*Three poems by Francis Picabia, transl. by Olli Sinivaara
* Two letters from Arthur Rimbaud
* Heikki Saure: Writings from the ground – found objects. Excerpts from an unpublished work.
* James Tate: Three poems, transl. by Aki Salmela
* Reviews:
J.K. Ihalainen: Eurooppalainen kuolemankirja (by Antero Tiittula)
Sanna Karlström: Taivaan mittakaava (by Tuulia Toivanen)
Rakel Liehu: Helene and Hannu Mäkelä: Uponnut pursi (by Anu Laitila)
Aila Meriluoto: Kootut runot (by Jarkko Tontti)
Lukas Moodysson: Mitä mitä täällä teen? (by Laura Kimari)
Ville Sutinen: Sivuraiteita (by Mikko Jakonen)
*Center fold: Tristan Tzara: Excerpts from a Manifesto, transl. by Aki Salmela
Wislawa Szymborska: Sata Szymborskaa (by Lauri Oino)
Panu Tuomi: Pyhän Vituksen tauti (by Olli Sinivaara)
*Janna Kantola: BKÖ? BKÖ! - presenting a swedish poet Bruno K. Öijer
*Bruno K. Öijer: Three poems, transl. by Markku Into
*Sami Sjöberg: Freedom is a myth - an article about lettrisme
*Olli Sinivaara: What dadaism isn´t – two poems instead of an article
*Poems by Antonin Artaud, Hugo Ball, Kimmo Korhonen, Benjamin Péret, Idastiina Räsänen, Tristan Tzara and Taneli Viljanen
*Miks Gebardis: Poems
*Erno Mallinen: Five poems
*Tristan Tzara: A Manifesto, transl. by Aki Salmela
*Tristan Tzara: Two poems, transl. by Aki Salmela and Olli Sinivaara
*Richard Huelsenbeck: EnAvant Dada. The history of Dadaism. An excerpt, transl. by Aki Salmela

So. There it is. Unless I have forgotten something :)

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