Wednesday, March 09, 2005

About the changes in the staff of Tuli&Savu

As many of you already know, there´s been some changes in the staff of Tuli&Savu. Aki Salmela and Olli Sinivaara with whom I´ve worked since july 2003 decided in the end of last year that it was time for them to step back from the frontline of editing Tuli&Savu and give way for some new enthusiasts who wish in exchange for a minimal fee give their time and energy to making a poetrymag "happen". So, a couple of weeks ago the new editors were chosen and yesterday we had our first longer meeting with the next issue´s graphic designers Jori and Aino-Maija from Uiah. And the new editors are Teemu Manninen, whose debut poetry book Turistina täällä ("Here as a turist") was published last fall from Tammi , and Juhana Vähänen, whose debut book Cantorin pölyä ("Cantor´s dust") came out yesterday! We did not get to see it yet and neither did Juhana, since he was in Helsinki and the books were in Turku.

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