Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I have been absent from here and elsewhere as well since I´ve been writing my presentation for Friday´s seminar on poetry in Turku (where this week is The Poetry Week). I should have decided a topic for my "thing" a long time ago, but but but... the topic is still missing since the presentation is still "under construction" and I find it difficult to give it a name before it's completely finished. I will be talking about poethics, since the guiding theme of the seminar is "Omat tunnot" which would translate both to "your own feelings/senses" or "consciences". The other main speaker is the poet Jyrki Kiiskinen, who will be talking about "Why I did not become a Language-poet?" which is interesting since our poetry magazine and some people around it could be thought of as having something to do with L-poetry, as our Language-issue a few years back shows. Hopefully Jyrki's talk will give new wings to the issue of Language-poetry because the discussion around it sure needs some spicying up. Like so many discussions around poetry and poetics, the language-poetry-discussion also has been built more on prejudices than real knowledge about the original movement.
I have to say that I am quite nervous about Friday... so keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well:-)
What I´m really really excited about is the poetry reading at Kerttu on Friday evening - I am very happy to get to read my poems in public because it´s been a long time since the last time and I have some good pieces I really wish to read.
But now, back to work...